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StrongWhole. Supported. Free.

We are Black mothers and others who believe in a more affirming motherhood. Our spirits and embodied knowing reject narratives that say our humanity ends once we give birth.

We’re not new to challenging the status quo. Many of us are raising emotionally intelligent, empathetic little humans. But we want humanity for ourselves and see the impracticality of the “perfect mother.” We reject the expectation to surrender all we are to motherhood to raise healthy children. Instead, we’re healing ourselves so we can model healing for our children. We know if we free ourselves, the children will follow.

Ambreia Meadows Fernandez, founder of Free Black motherhood, supports Black mothers and others who believe in a more affirming motherhood to raise healthy children.

Black mothers are sold an image of motherhood of struggle and sacrifice from the moment we’re expecting. We’re told losing ourselves is foundational to liberating our families. But real community healing begins with liberated mothering.

FreeBlackmotherhood sees caregiving as a catalyst for personal and social change, but only when mothering people have the space to reflect on who they are.

Storyteller and scholar Ambreia Meadows Fernandez leads this dialogue, encouraging Black mothers and others to go beyond surface-level soft life towards authentic self-acceptance, healing, and growth. This inclusive community offers reflection for folks of all backgrounds and mothering statuses while supporting Black mothers with intention. 


Freeblackmotherhood says we must be healed/healing humans before we can be effective caretakers consciously raising healed children.


Freeblackmotherhood acknowledges that legacies of white supremacy, settler colonialism, capitalism, and homophobia/transphobia leave some parents with more access to the resources & space to heal than others.


Freeblackmotherhood argues that ALL people, regardless of identity, suffer under these systems, directly or indirectly. And unless mothering and caretaking people have the chance to heal and systems of oppression are dismantled, communities will remain disconnected and unhealthy.

FBM denounces martyr-based mothering.

It notes the harm of child-centric and intensive mothering models that ask mothers to place their needs on hold. It argues mothers and mothering people must invest in themselves and heal before they can raise anyone effectively. It’s the work that must be done BEFORE quality parenting.

You’re not crazy. There’s something off about the expectations of motherhood.

You shouldn’t have to surrender your identity to raise healthy children. FreeBlackmotherhood offers a space to contemplate, feel, and define motherhood mindfully on your terms. Let’s collaborate so you can envision liberated mothering.