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Ambreia connects with audiences through inclusive, historically grounded perspectives on motherhood and caregiving.

She discusses the following and more:

Ambreia, founder of Free Blackmotherhood, wears an orange dress and is sitting in a forest

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...Values relationships and sees the value in building community..."
"I had the pleasure of working with Ambreia at Ambreia is not only a talented editor and writer but she puts heart and effort into everything she does. Ambreia is not afraid to ask questions and her curiosity makes her a big picture thinker. She also values relationships and sees the value in building community. Any team would be lucky to have her."
Kaity Velez
"This is someone who understands the power of words and the impact of stories. Ambreia takes a topic and not only does the work of thorough research, communicating clearly organized ideas and delivering a polished document time after time, but she also translates the meaning and relevance of each piece to herself and to her reader. One of the hardest parts about writing is answering the question "why should I care?" Ambreia cares and gets others to care, too."
Alaura Weaver
"Ambreia is a joy to work with. I’ve written several pieces for and had the pleasure of working alongside Ambreia to bring personal reported stories to life for the Kindred vertical. As an editor she is insightful, balanced, and a consummate partner. She created a space for conversation with me as a writer to push and pull and she honored my voice with every edit made. She went above and beyond her job description and was both mentor and champion. Her commitment to the communities she writes about and researches is clear and aided in making my writing about Black communities stronger.
Amira Barger
“Ambreia is a talented reporter and activist whom I've had the privilege of watching grow from an independent freelance writer to a strong and thoughtful editor and content strategist with a keen eye for big-picture goals. I have worked with Ambreia as a writer a few times over the years, and her award-winning prose and reporting are always powerful and spot-on. But what truly impressed me about Ambreia was when, just as she was finding her footing as the inaugural Staff Writer for Kindred by Parents and developing the new brand, her role was converted to Associate Editor practically overnight due to a company merger. Suddenly, she was tasked not only with writing but with developing an editor's eye, managing freelance writers, and working in editorial strategy at a much higher level. Many of even the most talented writers would have struggled in this position. But Ambreia thrived; she took initiative, sought out training and mentorship, asked important questions, honed her skills and confidence, and above all remained committed to the Kindred voice and mission. She is a team player, a mindful editor, an emerging leader, a true reporter, and an unparalleled voice.”
Amelia Edelman
Ambreia, founder of Freeblackmotherhood, is wearing an orange dress and posing in a field

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I accept assignments based on their connection to my values and availability. Primarily, I work with brands, nonprofits, and community groups. I accept limited partnerships with individual clients for consulting, writing, content strategy, and sensitivity reading.

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