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What is #FreeBlackmotherhood?

I’m creating a vision of freedom anchored in maternal authenticity, rest, and love.

“Freeblackmotherhood,” a mothering style offering a counternarrative to intensive mothering models. I argue that to raise healthy, well-adjusted children, we must prioritize our well-being first. My style is aware that conversations on mothering must be authentic about the struggles, intersectional, and often will be contradictory. My practice is anchored in the Black mothering experience but offers value to individuals of all identities. 

I’ll be honest and say it’s both fluid and developing. This vision is anchored in a belief that Black people – of all genders, orientations, incomes, and educational backgrounds – deserve to thrive. But I believe that Black mothers and mothering folks are the groundfloors of manifesting this reality.

Things to know about me: I’m an ABM (awkward Black mom). There were many moments in life when my awkwardness left me thinking something was wrong with me. This didn’t change when the chubs were born. Just showed the big ass rift between who I wanted to be and my environment first in Dallas, Texas, then in the wide-open green spaces of Wyoming.

Wanna analyze me? I’m a Gemini sun, Virgo moon, and Leo rising.

Wanna learn more about me? I have written hundreds of articles and essays on how my race and gender have shaped my perspectives and healthcare experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why the emphasis on Black mothers

Historically, Black liberation has missed those of us along the margins. We learn our philosophy and struggles in the home. No household can be free until those of us doing the mothering are free.

2. Do you have a podcast

! You can listen in at #Freeblackmotherhood anywhere you can listen to podcasts.

3. You’re in Wyoming. How does your world relate to what I face in the city?

Space and place matter. But anti-Blackness knows no geographical limits. I hope to shed light on life in rural America and learn from others to gain a more comprehensive definition of what we need so the world doesn’t feel limited to “free” and “nonfree” territories.

4. Is your definition of #freeblackmotherhood limited to North American/United States perspectives?

No. Blackness is expansive and dynamic. It’s both cultural and political. #freeblackmotherhood is exploring routes to collective liberation, not interested in forcing definitions on others. It’s not only open to – but strongly encourages – developing and sharing your own definition so we can learn from you too.

5. What is this space for?

Asking the questions. I believe we’ll find solutions within each other problems and realize we have all we need to create the solutions to thrive.