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Liberating Communities Through Mothering.

Encouraging Black women to experience joy, sadness, and everything in between, within the context of motherhood

The one thing we all crave is freedom…

Yet throughout history, many of us, especially mothers, have been robbed of the opportunity to taste it. And above all, the freedom available to a child—and dare we say a community—is irrefutably tied to the freedom available to their mother. ‘partus sequitur ventrem’ (meaning that which is born follows the womb) which stated enslaved women gave birth to enslaved children was the most obvious instance of this in US history. #Freeblackmotherhood demands that we acknowledge the impact of historical and continued nonfreedom on Black families – while focusing on how it specifically impacts Black mothers. We believe society cannot be free until Black families, Black children, BLACK WOMEN, and Black queer folks set foot in the territory of freedom.

Like our ancestors, we believe freedom is something that must be taken, not given. We’re authentically coming for all you’ve got.

Principles of #FreeBlackmotherhood

The #freeblackmotherhood agenda is simple

Principle One

To increase awareness of the cocktail of systems and sentiments that impair our ability to embrace the complex authenticity of our lives, as we mother while Black.

Principle Two

To seek ways to constructively highlight the disparities that we face WHILE sharing images of joy and thriving to counter the belief that Black womxn are a problem to be solved AND rejecting the ‘Strong Black Woman’ myth

Principle Three

To share the sacred texts of Black surthrival – like the books and quotes of our foremothers – in hopes of increasing knowledge and providing encouragement.

Principle Four

To support the self-determination of all marginalized folks, especially in areas of reproduction

No one will be free until Black mothers are free.

You were meant to be free.

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